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Mirror Post: The Healthy Solo: Reach for a Happy Back

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First post in a new category: “The Healthy Solo.” This category will explore ways to keep ourselves healthy and strong, which in turn helps us be better lawyers and be more present for our clients.

Here’s a great tip from Yoga Journal for anyone who spends a significant portion of their day sitting in an office (isn’t that all of us solos?): take care of your back with frequent stretch breaks. The problem, according to YJ, is one of compression. Like a Slinky ™ with a book placed on top of it, our spinal vertebrae compress together during the course of the day, thanks to gravity, poor posture, stress, and other factors. It’s important to reverse that trend periodically. If you can’t swing one of these in your office (I bought one, I admit, and am waiting for a friend to put it together for me – I’ll let you know whether it works!), then try this simple stretch:

Sit comfortably on your chair with your knees open to hip distance and your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath in and stretch your arms up overhead. Interlace your fingers and turn your palms towards the ceiling, pressing your sitting bones down while reaching up. Keeping your arms straight alongside your ears and turn to the right, feeling the stretch on the left ribs and hip. Take five deep breaths, then switch sides.