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What’s Coming Up For This Site

I have some exciting news – looks like our move to the independent URL and hosted domain will be happening a lot sooner than I had hoped! I’ve selected a brand new design – something clean, and definitely different.

And … you can see it already right here.

So what’s ahead for this site? Exciting things! I’ll publish posts at both site through the end of this month, just to give regular readers time to change bookmarks and such. After that, I’ll stop posting here (though there will be a permanently placed URL referring newcomers to the new site), and post at the new digs exclusively.

Next steps: There may be some tweaks to the new design (though I’m really quite in love with it as-is), and I’ll be installing some new features (see the list below). For that reason, we might have a slightly less frequent posting schedule over the next few weeks. I hope to resume daily postings no later than July 1.

What else can you expect?

  • Lots more content. I’ll still aim for those daily postings (at least after July 1) but also, you can expect lengthier, e-book-style content from me as well. That format will allow me to cover topics in much more depth, which is a real limitation of the blog format, designed as it was for short and frequent posts. Initially, most of the content will be free; the rest will be priced very reasonably through Paypal. What kind of content? Checklists for opening your new law firm; blogging how-tos and best practices; bootstrapping tips and techniques for marketing; and much more.
  • More diverse content. I’m looking at product reviews, interviews, guest posts, workshop-style events and much more.
  • Advertisements – for others, and for my own services. It’s an inescapable fact of web life – servers cost money. Ads will help me pay for the costs of running it, yes, but also, I am branching out into consulting and coaching, and this site will be my portal for that work. I can promise that the commercial aspects of the site will be discreet, and I’ll do my best to make sure they don’t intrude on the content or interfere with users’ enjoyment of the site, at all.

I hope that this is enough of a taste to get you guys excited about the new digs. You can go ahead and change your feed settings or bookmarks now, if you like, as I’ll be posting there first, then copying and pasting posts over here as time allows.

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“Be Careful of the Company You Keep”

My late mom’s advice echoes in my mind from time to time, and since it was always good stuff, I don’t really mind. The gem above, in the subject header, was the one that sprang to mind tonight, after reading my blog feeds in Bloglines.

You’ll recall a few days back I got tagged by Susan Cartier Liebel with a meme asking for “wild goals.” I loved the meme – still do, and think it’s a great idea. I’d added the author of the meme to my blogroll after having read a few of his other posts. Tonight, however, I saw a post that made me take that blogger off my feeds subscription list, and remove his links (and name) from my blog.

Why? Well, I don’t want to give any more energy than absolutely necessary to the incredibly childish, immature, and sexist post by this young man – suffice to say, when I read it, the first reaction was laughter – I thought it had to be his April Fool’s Day joke. When I realized it wasn’t, I was just disgusted. But when I realized this was the same person I’d linked back to – the one who’d created the meme – I felt sick.

I hope he grows up soon. I hope no one is hurt by his profoundly ridiculous beliefs – including him.  But I believe, as mom said, I am evaluated (rightly or wrongly) in part by the company I keep. If I thought there was a chance I could help this person evolve (humorously, his blog is allegedly dedicated to “personal development” – ah, irony), I would attempt some sort of dialog.  But it’s not my place to teach this person how to think about and treat women. It was his parents’ job – and whether they failed or he failed to listen or whether subsequent events overtook that effort – I don’t know. It’s not my place to make those conclusions. It is my place to decide on the company I keep – and to choose wisely. This, I think, I have done, although it brings me no pleasure.

New Threads!

No, you needn’t adjust your monitor settings. We have a new look at The Inspired Solo. The previous template – while aesthetically gorgeous – got thumbs-down from some readers for readability, especially the narrowness of the post column (necessitated by the fact that it’s a four-column theme) and the contrast (i.e., not very much) between main font and background in said column.  Hope this one’s just as soothing to look at but easier to read! Drop a comment and let me know if it isn’t.