Interested in Amicus Attorney? Now’s the Time To Buy

First time buyers of Amicus Attorney will receive 15% off their purchase (up to 10 licenses) of any Amicus product, including the front and back office product Amicus Small Firm, now through June 29th. For more information, see the order form here.

It’s interesting – the more I work on these articles and e-books about practice management for solos, the more my own practice is becoming hectic and diverse, and the more I’m seriously considering trying this CMS thing again. (I tried Time Matters originally, but it was way too much program for my needs.)  I’ve uploaded the Amicus demo, and am giving it a trial run. Either way, I’ll post a review here on Inspired Solo.

If you would like to write a product review of any CMS program you use, or are familiar with, or any other product you think solos would be interested in learning more about, please let me know either in contents or via email (sheryl at schelinlaw dot com), and I’ll hook you up as a guest reviewer!

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  1. Grant Griffiths on

    Only problem Sheryl is that it is windoze only. You could of course run it under XP and Parallels if you have to have it. With the Mac, there are options. Daylite and Billings2 for one. Or, continue to watch the development of EasyTime.

  2. Sheryl Sisk Schelin on

    That’s a good point, Grant. It should, however, work with Parallels (I’ve had good luck – knock wood – so far using Parallels with just about everything.) CMS for Macs is a well-known underserved segment of the legal technology market, one I know you’ve written about yourself. In a few weeks, after some upcoming changes are made, I’ll be publishing some reviews of legal technology (or tech that can be adapted for law office use), written both by me and by others, including a (hopefully regular) feature on Macs in law offices. Stay tuned!

  3. Wm Paul Slough on

    I think the current buzz word is CRM, or customer relationship management (as opposed to case/customer management system). Watch out because CMS is often used to refer to content management system – applications to manage websites. See

    Many popular CRM applications nearly double as case management systems, especially if another program handles the billing/timekeeping aspects (Freshbooks, or something like Billings on macs). Many of these upcoming CRM apps have small dev teams who are very willing to hear feedback and make changes.

    I’ve posted a lot about CRM apps recently on my blog, have a look if your interested or shoot me an email.

    And I thanks for your site, I enjoy it!

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