Productivity: Taming the Dreaded Desktop Beast

If you haven’t discovered yet, you need to. The brainchild of Ethan Schoonover, the site talks about “simple tools and ideas that help us work, play and create.” Something every Inspired Solo could use! Ethan caused quite a stir with his hack for a Mac program called OmniOutliner last year – KinklessGTD, to help users implement Getting Things Done. Now, he’s back with the No Mercy Desktop Cleanup. It’s written mostly for Mac users, but I think Windows users can get a lot from it,too. Be warned, though: it’s radical stuff. You may never look at your computer desktop the same way again.

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  2. Practical Lawyer on

    I wrote about OmniOutliner today, Sheryl. It’s a great program, isn’t it? I’ll check out and their GTD applications. Just what I need on these beautiful Spring days – help getting to done.

  3. Sheryl Sisk Schelin on

    Absolutely love OmniOutliner. I haven’t tried the kGTD plugin script yet but I hear so many wonderful things that I think I’m gonna have to give it a go. Ethan’s also been working with Omni on OmniFocus – see – doing his infamous vid magic on that program. I’m kinda excited about that one too – and since it can import kGTD docs, it might be a dual done deal.

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