TechnoMarketing: Give Your Website or Blog a Checkup

Website Grader is a free tool that will analyze your blog or website for a number of relevant SEO markers for free, giving you a roadmap of improvements you can make to improve your site’s relevance, ranking in search results, and traffic. Did I mention it was free? This is Inspired Solo marketing at its finest!

Information is power in the Information Age, and that’s what Website Grader delivers. Start by entering your website URL – ex.:, or – and the URL for one of your competitor’s websites. Choose one that is, in fact, comparable – blog to blog, SC bankruptcy lawyer to SC bankruptcy lawyer, Georgia estate planning firm static website to Georgia estate planning firm static website. (This is optional but it’s good info to have, although I would never recommend positioning your marketing solely in response to a competitor.) Type in some relevant keywords – what do you expect your site’s visitors to type into a search engine to find your site? Use some different options; for instance, for my bankruptcy practice blog, I used “bankruptcy, SC bankruptcy lawyer, debt relief.”

Then just provide your email address and click “Generate Report” – it only takes seconds, and it will show in the browser window, as well as in your email inbox as a link.

My bankruptcy practice blog received a surprisingly low score. I was a little surprised, honestly, with over 50 inbound Google links (though it’s showing as 43), steadily increasing traffic, and a page rank of 4 (not awesome, but at the higher end for most practice blogs). But looking at the evaluation the website provided, it makes more sense: my designer didn’t put in meta keywords or page description plugins for my WordPress blog. Clearly I have some SEO work to do!

Another interesting development – this site’s report showed a pretty good score – 73 out of 100. I truly expected those two scores to be reversed, given that this is a hosted blog, it’s newer by several months than the other, it’s not a unique domain (yet!), and I’ve done precious little in the way of SEO work here. The main difference I see is 3 bookmarks for this site, none for the bankruptcy blog. I wouldn’t have thought that alone would mean such a significant difference, especially since the other blog gets about twice the traffic this one does.

Thanks to Deb Ng from About Web Logs for the tip.

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