Is Case Management Software Necessary for the Inspired Solo? Depends.

Whether you need case management software (CMS) depends on a few factors:

  • Your practice area
  • Your average number of open cases
  • Your current software

OK, you’re probably saying right about now, “I get the first two. But what does the last have to do with anything?”

In a nutshell: you might be able to fulfill the functions delivered by CMS using only the software you currently run, and/or web-based products.  The advantage is obvious for anyone who’s done some comparison shopping for CMS – the price of standalone products like TimeMatters and Amicus are enough to make a bootstrapping solo take a moment’s pause (or several).

But there are some disadvantages, too. First, such solutions are crafted and cobbled; as such, they may have gaps in coverage that dedicated CMS would not. And while much of those kinds of gaps can be predetermined with careful planning and a thorough understanding of how you need CMS to operate in your practice, some of it is going to be inevitably discovered through trial and error. Second, as a crafted solution, using current software “off-label” as it were can be less stable than CMS.  Finally, any solution that depends on more than one product might create some degree of extra effort that CMS would save you.

Is it worth it to you, as a cost-conscious solo to adopt one of these solutions, or create one for yourself? Only you can  say for sure. But I’ll be uploading some e-books over the next few weeks at The Inspired Solo Bookstore, and I will post a short summary and excerpt here as I do. Each e-book will focus on a different program and how it can be used in the solo practice to serve the CMS function.

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