Inspired Solo Bookstore Grand Opening!

I’ve started something new here at Inspired Solo – well, technically, not here but related to this site, anyway! The Inspired Solo Bookstore is now open for business. There’s more about this move (which isn’t a move, per se, but an addition to the Inspired Solo family) here in this post at the Bookstore, and I’ll post more about that decision in the days ahead.

Other things you can expect at the Bookstore:

  • Reviews of the books highlighted in the sidebar
  • Reviews of upcoming books about or relevant to the solo practice of law or entrepreneurship in general
  • Interviews with authors who write about subjects we cover here at Inspired Solo
  • My own writing – including e-books and PDF articles about going solo, evaluating whether it’s for you, planning the bootstrapped firm, and much more

I hope you enjoy this double offering of Inspired goodness. As always, if you have suggestions, complaints, or love to share, fire away in the comments below, or reach me at s dot schelin at gmail dot com! Thanks for reading.

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