MySpace: A Marketing Tool Whose Time Has Come? Or a Lame Idea?

I’ve got to vote the former – definitely an interesting tool whose time has come! You might feel the same way after reading Brenda Sapino Jeffreys’ article for Legal Technology, “MySpace Helps Attorneys Find Clients.”  The article features Texas entertainment lawyer Leslie Warren Cross, who found his MySpace profile page not just a unique branding opportunity but a great way to stay in touch with his nomadic music clients.

As Susan Cartier Liebel suggests (whose post here first alerted me to the story – thanks SCL!), the efficacy of a MySpace project as part of your larger marketing program might well depend on a couple of things:

  • The kinds of clients you’re going after. If they don’t know what MySpace is, you’re probably wasting time.

  • The kind of practice you have. Certain practice areas – Susan suggests bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning, and criminal – might be better suited than others.

I’m a new convert to MySpace – haven’t even set up my profile yet! – but I am definitely intrigued by the possibilities. In my bankruptcy practice, I can see a further niche developing in the future as the “bankruptcy lawyer for Generation Y.” Perhaps even a subniche for advocacy and pro bono work in our schools, helping to teach young people (middle and high school age) about personal finance and credit. In that kind of work, I can see a MySpace profile playing a huge, beneficial part.

What do you think? Is your practice ready for MySpace?

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