Using Your Blog to “Sell” Your Services

Take a look at this blog post from Chris Garrett on New Media, then think about these points for a bit:

  • How can you generate interest in your legal services through your blog? Consistent with your ethical rules, can you offer case studies? Examples of problems you can solve with your services?
  • Are your blog posts focused on the reader’s needs, or are you still engaged in ego-driven posting? (Hint: count the number of “I”s versus the number of “you”s.)
  • What can you give away for free? A report or an article that offers valuable advice? If it grates against your capitalist tendencies, you need to consider the long run, and this quote from Chris:

True, blogs are all about giving free information. Bridging the gap
between free and paid is often an intimidating challenge. Don’t think
of it as a difference between $0 and $N, consider it more as a
challenge to show value and more value. I give away an ebook, I write articles and don’t charge for them.
People ask me questions, I answer their questions. If everything I did
was free then I would soon be broke. Still I get training, coaching,
consultancy and writing work.

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