In Which Radio Silence Is Broken

First, an apology. I always cringe when other bloggers take a break from blogging and start back up with an apology – it seems inartful, sometimes, or even insincere – but that’s the honest emotional truth right now. I feel bad! So, I’m sorry.

What happened was nothing dramatic, or even worthy of recounting. Just one of those times when all the little things pile on and demand immediate response and attention. (One of them was a yard sale, and for anyone who’s ever had that unparalleled joy after consolidating households, well – I am sure I need say no more to you. You get it, profoundly!)

As my intention this year is to turn every moment into a teaching moment for myself, I ask myself “what can I learn from this experience?”

  • I feel less than good about myself when I allow myself to be overwhelmed.
  • I have a tendency to overestimate my strength, the number of hours in a day, and my patience. I have a tendency to underestimate how long a particular task will take and the love and acceptance that’s gifted to me by my loved ones.
  • I believe there is a way for me to do a better job juggling these tasks, projects, and interests, and I’m determined to find it. Due to Seth Godin’s book coming out soon about when to give up on a project, I found myself asking that question this past week – is it time to give up? The answer was a vehement “no!” and all I can attribute that to is pure desire. I don’t want to give up. And therefore, I am motivated to find a better way to coordinate the conflicts. Which leads me to the next lesson …
  • … Stress is good. Stress serves a purpose. It is how we respond to that stress, I remain convinced, which is the real body-killer.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I will do better.

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3 comments so far

  1. Susan Cartier Liebel on

    I am the author of the following gem:

    “A pearl could never be born if the oyster didn’t get agitated.”

    Agitate away!

  2. Jen Burke on

    Desire, desire, desire can create so much energy to accomplish – I agree with the agitation advice!

  3. mark on

    Having left a firm this year to go solo, it has happened to me … from blogging 1 or 2x a day before to adding nothing for a week or more.

    No worry. Blog when you can and don’t worry about the guilt that may come with it.

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