Tagged! My Goals (“Gotta Get Goals”)

Susan Cartier Liebel has tagged me! But it didn’t hurt.

Based on a meme created elsewhere,* Susan got tagged, she in turn passed the goodness to me and some others. Essentially, the meme asks for the “top 5 to 10 goals” that are the most “over-the-top” and “exclusive” ones you have.

Oh, this is easy for me. The hard part will be limiting it to 10. I have a knack for setting goals, and for planning out their accomplishment. (Where I fall down: long-term stick-to-it-iveness.) But the meme doesn’t just ask for goals – it asks for “wild” goals. Now, here’s a meme I can really get behind! My motto is “dream BIG!” So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro before the snows are gone.
  2. Raise a daughter who knows what to do with fear, but maintains her compassion.
  3. Argue before the Supreme Court in a case that really matters.
  4. Go parasailing.
  5. Learn to play the violin.
  6. Donate a million dollars to a worthwhile charity, in one beautiful lump sum, anonymously.
  7. Build a beautiful home next to a body of water.
  8. Publish a book.
  9. Take a horseback tour of France’s countryside.
  10. There is a tenth – but it’s private. 🙂

Who am I tagging in return?

UPDATED – to fix a broken link back to Susan, and to add a trackback, just in case. 🙂

*UPDATED AGAIN – and further explained here.

3 comments so far

  1. Susan Cartier Liebel on

    Sherrie, very impressive list. Part of the game, though, is linking back to the person who tagged you so your readers can read their goals then link back to the person who tagged them, and so on and so on. :^) Then everyone can read everyone’s extraodinary goals!!! (I like the horseback tour of the French countryside…very doable !)

  2. sherriesisk on

    Dude! I did! But I see it didn’t take. Will redo.

  3. sherriesisk on

    Aha – I see what happened – I had apparently underlined your name but by the time I inserted the link, the “selection” had been deselected so I had a link to nothing but space. Which, as it turns out, won’t work! All fixed, also trackbacked to your post.

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