Million Dollar Solos – and Me

Margaret Graham Tebo, who writes frequently for the ABAJournal as well as other leading publications, has a new article out in the April edition of the Journal, titled “When It’s About More Than Money”-appended to the bottom of G. M. Filisko’s “The Secrets of Million-Dollar Solos.” You can read it (at least for now) here, on the Journal‘s site. Sharp-eyed readers will find yours truly quoted at the bottom of the page:

Though she makes a bit less money now, she feels the trade of money for flexibility is satisfying beyond her hopes. “I see ads all the time about ‘how to grow your business,’ and I keep thinking, ‘Doesn’t anybody but me wonder why?’ ” she says. “I challenge the assumption that bigger is better. Some­times, things are just the right size.”

I don’t want to give anyone the impression I’m allergic to money – I like money just fine and I’d have no problems whatsoever being one of those “million dollar solos” Meg talks about in her article – all of whom appear to be doing great for themselves and would make excellent role models for any inspired solo! Rather, my personal situation at the time (and continuing today) simply mandated that I make a choice – either grow for growth’s sake, or rein it in and enjoy everything else I wanted to participate in.

I chose the latter. If you choose the former, good for you! Just know, for yourself, why you made that choice. Have a strong enough reason why, and you can accomplish anything, I think.

I’m posting this here for two reasons:

  1. I want to let IS’s and future IS’s know that there are options here – that you can create your solo practice in any way you like.
  2. I have a healthy ego and wanted to brag that I was in the Journal. Hee.

Updated to correctly attribute two separate articles. 

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