There’s a New Solo Blog in Town

Duke Drouillard, an Omaha, Nebraska solo, debuts Solo Law Center – “a legal information and reference center for Solo attorneys.” Duke and I both participate in Solosez (another fantastic resource for solo lawyers), and I’m thrilled to see him participating in this fast-growing segment of the blogosphere. In the coming weeks, Duke and I have agreed to guest-post on each other’s blogs – that should be fun!

Duke always has insightful opinions and great wit, so I’m sure his posts will entertain as much as they inform. Check out this excerpt from yesterday’s post, “Wasted Opportunity“:

When you attend a local bar meeting or CLE course, are you checking out
the competition or making friends and possible sources of referrals?
Some solo attorneys tend to have a general practice that handles every
client that calls or walks in. For the most part though, solo attorneys
are focusing their practice on only a few related areas. Who do you
refer your clients to for service outside your practice area? Are other
attorneys making referrals to you?

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