Must-See Vids: Daniel Blumenstein on “Going Solo”

Hat-tip to Chuck Newton who brings us this excerpt from an interview with and Daniel Blumenstein, a lawyer/entrepreneur (or “lawyerpreneur” as Nader Anise might say) who offers “Going Solo,” a seminar aimed at giving new solos or wanna-bes the skillset to run their businesses efficiently – “like big law firms,” as Daniel says.

I agree that the more professional our image as a solo, the greater our chances of success. What I don’t want to see lost in all this, though, is the fact that being a solo gives you certain key advantages in the practice of law. Shorter lead times, ability to be an agile early adopter in new technologies and practices, full empowerment to make the client happy without seeking approval from higher-ups – the list goes on.

Sure, be professional. But don’t overlook the unique beauty of being a solo – make those traits your selling points.

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