Get More Done By Starting Your Day With MIT

No, I don’t want you to go to genius school in Massachusetts. MIT stands for “Most Important Task” and Leo from zen habits is here to tell you why you should use this concept in planning your day. I’d define it briefly as “the one thing, related to your goals, that you’re willing to commit to getting done today, come hell or high water.” You can even, as Leo does, pick three MITs. Whatever you can realistically commit to getting done inside one day.

Now, I’d add a word of caution here: This is a great concept but it could easily backfire, and I see two main ways that could happen:

  1. Making the accomplishment of your MIT more important than accomplishing your goal. Don’t forget the reason behind the MIT. There’s no denying that checking off those “to-dos” produces a massively good feeling. But when your next actions simply become one more box to check off, you lose the passion essential for accomplishing your goals.

  2. Picking the wrong, or too many, tasks. Choose wisely, as the old knight said in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (and yes, I am a little appalled I knew that). Make sure you are focusing on the next action in the roadmap to your goal, and that you really have the time, resources, and energy to get that task accomplished today. Why? A little thing called integrity: put simply, it’s crucial. You have to believe yourself when you say you’ll do something. Integrity isn’t just keeping our promises to others – it’s also keeping our promises to ourselves.

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