Dave Dee’s Secret, part 2

Dave Dee’s latest post, “Unleashing the Moneymaking Vibration Within,” is a real head-scratcher for me. Dave apparently feels pretty dismissive of people who want to better themselves (except, I’d guess, those who do so via his marketing methods…?) as evidenced by this quote:

I just completed a bonus CD for a new product I’ll be offering and
on it, I revealed the ultimate secret to success in all areas of life.

That’s a big statement, I know but it’s the truth.

In a nutshell, it comes down to creating a magnetic energy vibration that attracts success.

Hold your horses, before you think I’ve become a new age nut job, hear me out.

Run-on sentences notwithstanding, this is pretty strange behavior for a marketing “guru.” Self-help is a huge business; over $581 million in titles in 1998, accounting for over 10% of all titles sold. So one would imagine the potential customer base there to be pretty large. Bold stuff, then, to go charging about calling such a large group of potential clients “nut jobs.” But – I digress. Moving on, Dave next neatly summarizes his “ultimate secret” – his “truth”:

The more positively charged energy you can create in your body, the
more confidence you will have, the more confidence you have, the more
powerful you will become, the more powerful you become, the more you
will accomplish.

That’s …. it?

OK, who wants to go tell Dave that this, in fact, is exactly what The Secret is all about (albeit with better grammar)? You know, the same Secret that he derided a few posts back?

I would have, but apparently his comments section is permanently closed.

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