TechnoChic: 10 Must-See Sites for the Inspired Solo

One thing is crystal clear to me now, in retrospect to my pre-launch planning period: I might have been able to go solo without the Internet (and frankly even that’s an open question), but it would have been a much harder battle to fight. Instead, it’s an embarrassment of freebie riches thanks to sites such as the ones profiled by Rick Georges of Sololawyer in this article:

Picking the best of anything is difficult. However, I decided to take a stab this month at the Web sites I use most frequently during a typical day of practicing law. I’m not including the obvious ones: legal research and general search sites. I’m aiming to point to sites that create a new source of information on the Web, and that leverage the interactive Web 2.0 space.

Read the entire article and bookmark those sites! I’d add the following:

  • – I found the prices to be highly competitive and the services just as rich as other internet-based fax services. But whatever company you choose, there’s just no reason to go the old-school route any more (unless you like refeeding paper endlessly and making those calls for servicing…)
  • Stikkit – this is an amazing tool that does its own thinking. Part to-do listmaker, part project planner, part smart calendar – this is one app that really has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.
  • – Yes, I know Rick deliberately left off the mainstream primary resource sites, but it’s one of the oldest and most centralized collections for free legal collections on the web, organized by states, by type of law, by courts – very helpful.
  • TinyURL – helps turn those ghastly long URLs in email and web-based documents into short ones, avoiding the dreaded URL-hard-return.
  • Finally – last but by no means least – Solosez. The largest email listserv for solo lawyers in the world. I am not overstating the case when I say that Solosez is critical to my confidence level in practicing law. Let me explain: one of the biggest (and most reasonable) fears a new solo will ever face is the fear of being alone. Especially when you’ve worked in a bustling law office, and are used to being able to saunter over to another lawyer’s office to chat about a recent problem, or get a senior partner’s advice on a tricky client, you’ll be rightly concerned about being “me myself and I”-solated in your early days. Solosez is the answer. It puts over 2,000 other solos (and others with an interest in going solo) as close as your email inbox. It’s a lot of mail – be warned – but you can manage it by going to Gmail, signing up for a free account, then dedicating that address solely to Solosez mail. Read the subjects that interest you. Select unread, mark read, and archive the rest with abandon – then you’ve got a searchable archives at your fingertips.

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